Accessory or Add-On Systems 

SpotView in use

If you already own an FTIR spectrometer, you may want to add fiber-optic capability without purchasing a whole new system. The Remspec mid-IR fiber-optic probe can be coupled to most FTIR spectrometers, provided that a collimated beam output port and an external detector plug are available. We have systems working and in active use on Bio-Rad, Bomem, Bruker, Midac, and Thermo Nicolet benches. The coupling is straightforward for Analect (ie Orbital, Hamilton Sundstrand, etc, etc.) and most Perkin-Elmer systems (Eg Spectrum One).

The accessory system comprises a probe with mid-IR fiber optic cables, an MCT detector that has been optimized for use with fiber optics, and launch optics designed to couple the spectrometer signal into the fiber-optic probe. The accessory system also includes an interface plate to attach the launch optics to your spectrometer, and a signal return cable to bring the signal back into the spectrometer electronics. All of Remspec's
interchangeable probe heads can be used with the accessory system, which provides a convenient and cost-effective way to start working with Remspec fiber optics.