ReactionView™ Reaction Monitoring
PAT for Process Development


Remspecís fiber-optic probes are already established as industry leaders in performance and versatility with interchangeable sampling heads for ATR, transmission, reflectance, grazing-angle reflectance, and high-pressure high-temperature reaction monitoring. In the ReactionView™ system, this capability is combined with a ruggedly constructed, compact FTIR module that weighs about 35 lbs, has an Ethernet interface and its own IP address. The whole system is controlled from a laptop computer (desktop computers are available, too) equipped with VizIR™, our full-featured data-collection and post-processing software. The ReactionView™ makes IR reaction monitoring a truly portable technology. 

ReactionView™ - 4

Available four- and six-channel systems are ideal for spectroscopic monitoring of reactor arrays -- at last, you can track physical properties like temperature and viscosity, and relate them to chemical changes through realtime spectroscopy.

ReactionView's slim Remspec probe can be easily inserted into standard lab. glassware, and it is equally at home in the pilot plant or processing area.

The system is easily upgraded to meet
NEMA 4/IP65 standards

Explosive atmosphere NEMA and ATEX systems are also available.

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Working with Automated Reactors

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