CVal is used to run Remspec's SpotView system for cleaning validation.

CVal results are saved in a digitally signed and locked tamper evident xml format. The CVal Results Viewer includes a Verified/Unverified flag to show whether the file has been tampered with. The use of an xml format means that the results can be read in a simple word processor if the CVal program is unavailable.

CVal is the software used to run the SpotView® cleaning-validation system. You can use it to

  • Set up and save cleaning validation procedures
  • Validate the noise level and wavelength calibration of the system
  • Run the saved procedures
  • View realtime spectra and surface loading results
  • View saved reports from cleaning validation studies
  • Create and manage logins for access control

The CVal operator can follow simple, predefined set of steps to analyze surfaces for cleaing validation.

CVal's controlled levels of access--Supervisor or Operator--mean that you can control the use of your SpotView system and keep track of cleaning validation results in a controlled environment.