Non-destructive Analysis of Museum and Gallery Objects

Remspec's fiber-optic probes are ideal for non-destructive testing of delicate and valuable art objects and artifacts. Remspec customers in the museum world have used our probes to analyze the composition of Renaissance frescos, for example (Applied Spectroscopy,Vol. 61, 293-299, 2007).

The picture below shows an ArtView&trade system being used to collect data from a set of paint samples containing different pigments (vermillion, azurite, and carbon black) in both oil and egg media. It is possible to distinguish different composions based on these materials using the mid-IR reflectance spectrum.

The ArtView probe shown here is being used to examine the Royal Charter of the Hudson's Bay Company for traces of poly(vinyl acetate) from an earlier conservation effort. The picture is reproduced courtesy of the Canadian Conservation Institute.